Automatic ssh renew for virtualizor with Cron jobs

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In the name of allah

if you reading this article means you know what is virtualizor , KVM , virtualization and…

guys who using virtualizor for managing virtualization know that we can set SSL for our hostname from its panel but there is a problem!
if we forget to renew ssl certificate – lets encrypt – ssl gone and its bad!
how to make it auto ?
simply add below line to your cronjobs file:

۰ ۰ ۱ * *  /usr/bin/bash /usr/local/virtualizor/scripts/ --renew --force --days 80 --home '/usr/local/virtualizor/conf/le/acme/admin' --certhome '/usr/local/virtualizor/conf/le/acme/admin/certs' -d '' --webroot '/usr/local/virtualizor/enduser' --accountemail '' --keylength '4096' >> '/var/virtualizor/log/letsencrypt.log' 2>&1

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